Keith Headshot 2017 - 01-A - Web
Photo by Brittany Page

Keith Gillogly is a Buffalo, NYbased writer whose freelance writing centers on reporting-driven articles and service pieces often focusing on health and science topics and on development in Pittsburgh, where he lived for several years. He has also written content marketing pieces for various outlets and works for a local advertising agency.

Keith has written for Pittsburgh Magazine, WIRED, Pregnancy and Newborn magazine,, Pittsburgh Quarterly, Pitt Magazine, Oregon Healthy Living, and more.

Keith studied English at the University of Pittsburgh, earning his bachelor’s degree in 2011 and his master’s degree in 2020. He enjoys skateboarding, reading, practicing guitar and piano, and learning Spanish. As for the last name, it’s Gill-low-glee with a hard g—don’t worry if you didn’t get it right.

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